Well, hasn’t it been a funny old year?! May is fast approaching and we are so ready to welcome you all back with open arms and brimming pint glasses on the 17th. All opening times can be found on our website!


We will be coming back with full force and have a mouth-watering new wine list to tickle all tastebuds. With warmer weather approaching we have also decided to entice you with 10 dangerously delicious cocktails!

Just think of all those warm summer nights spent on the evening tide, strolling up the lane barefoot and soaking up the last of the sun with a cocktail in hand - I’m already sold! Keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages for information on these over the coming weeks.

We haven’t just given the wine list a makeover - lookout for yum new dishes which we will be sharing with you on our website prior to May 17th (after the Staff have sampled them of course, just to make sure they’re up to scratch!)

There are also some fabulous new t-shirts for our staff which have been designed by super-talented, drop dead gorgeous, Morston Anchor regular Ellie Sadler. Although they haven’t actually been worn behind the bar yet, many of you have already asked about whether they will be available to purchase. I’m delighted to let you know that you will be able to buy them on your visit to the pub! Pop in for a pint and pick up a t-shirt - sounds like a plan to me!

We have also got some great new outside furniture for you to enjoy - rustic and stylish and great for those insta posts. Of course no pub garden is complete without a couple of ‘Prosecco Tables’! These have been made for us by The Table Guy with two ice buckets either side of the umbrella - perfect for keeping those bottles of fizz cool for the duration of your pub sesh!

Another feature we are pleased to be offering upon reopening is the ability to book your table online. This is an exciting improvement and one that we hope will make the booking process easier and faster for you all! Do not fret if you are one of the many customers who enjoy ringing for the chats - you will still be able to book over the phone too and check in for the daily goss!

We are so eager to return to the norm and see all of those familiar faces once again propped up at the bar. Morston has been eerily calm over the last few months, but we have certainly been making the best of a bad situation. It has definitely been a once in a lifetime occurrance to be able to venture down to the Quay when the sun is shining and not see a single soul.

"I think we are going to be in for an incredibly busy summer as everyone is getting that old Norfolk itch to get back to the coast having been cooped up inside for such a long time"

I personally have never felt so lucky to live in North Norfolk - whilst a part of me cannot wait to return to normality, lockdown life in such a remarkable place has been so wonderful in so many ways and I can’t help but admit that I will miss it!

It has been blissful to go out on bike rides with not a single car on the road and the dogs running freely. I don’t think I have ever had so much time to spend in the fresh air, and have certainly been making the most of the allowed daily exercise. Trips to Spar have become a social event - often buying a loaf of bread has taken up to an hour due to bumping into people in the queue who have been just as desperate for a bit of social contact as me!

I think we are going to be in for an incredibly busy summer as everyone is getting that old Norfolk itch to get back to the coast having been cooped up inside for such a long time. The seal trips have started up again, and although still running at less than half capacity there is aIready huge demand as everybody is craving the open sea air. We hope to have the Temple Seal Trip office back inside the Anchor as soon as it is safe to do so, although their temporary office on Morston Quay in ‘Maureen’ the Campervan is proving to be quite the cosy alternative. We hope they don’t get too attached - we couldn’t bare losing Lucinda to the Quay full time!


It has become even more apparent to me, although I think I already knew, that if I could be stuck anywhere in the world it would be here in Morston. Time is precious and memories even more so - roll on those merry nights in the pub spending time with loved ones, muddy feet and all.

One day in the future we will be sitting around the fire with a bowl of chowder and a bucket of chips reminiscing about those old Covid days way back when. Hang on in there, we are nearly through it, and we so cannot wait for the time we can throw our arms around you and not worry about washing our hands afterwards! Roll on the 17th!